Sri. Gagangiri Maharaj Math -Temples In Kplhapur

Yogiraj Sri. Gagangiri Maharaj, who was revered and worshipped as Emperor Chalukya Pulakeshi, hails from Patankar family. His original personal name is Sripad and he belongs to village Manadure in Patan district of South Maharashtra. At the age of 7 he left his home and He went to Battees-Shirala. This place has a Math (ashram) of Nathsampradaya. This cult (sampradaya) has a wide following all over India and has about 1600 establishments.

Narsobawadi Shri Dattatreya Temple - Temples In Kplhapur

Narsobawadi became a pilgrim centre as Shri Dattatreya, in his incarnation known as Narsinh Saraswati lived here for twelve years. Here there is no idol of Shri Dattatreya symbolising his presence. Instead of that his existence is symbolised by his "padukas "(slippers).

In ancient times, there was a thick forest here. Narasinha Saraswati Swami is one of the 16 descents of Lord Datta. Kurundwad was his spot of penance. Wadi has during 1034-1982 tradition of Ramchandra Yogi, Narayan Swami, Mouni Maharaj, Tembe Swami & Mhadaba Patil whose tombs are seen. The original Mandir on the confluence of the Krishna Panchganga has a tradition of 500-600 years.

Kaneri Math kolhapur - Temples In Kplhapur

Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Math is a historical place. It is temple of Lord Shiva and the shiv-pindi was installed in the  14th century by a Lingayat Priest. Math is surrounded by a stone wall. It is 10 to 12km away from kolhapur city. The temple is situated on hill surrounded by natural beauty.